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Visiting students

Perimeter Institute offers a unique opportunity for senior international physics students to expand their perspectives and participate in various research activities at Perimeter.

All visiting students must be supervised by a Perimeter Institute researcher. Once supervision is approved, the researcher will enter a Visit Request to initiate planning for the visit. A minimum of four (4) weeks’ notice is required.

Students who are interested in visiting Perimeter Institute to continue their research under the guidance of a Perimeter Institute researcher must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Be actively pursuing a degree program in physics at an international institution
  • Have arranged for a Perimeter Institute researcher to supervise them during their visit
  • Have adequate funding for the duration of their visit
  • Meet all requirements for visiting Canada. International students visiting Canada for the purpose of conducting research who are not Canadian citizens or permanent residents and are funded by their home institution are considered “Self Funded Researchers”. Self Funded Researchers are exempt from requiring a work permit. We encourage visiting non-Canadian students who have received their formal invitation offer to seek advice from the nearest Canadian consulate, embassy, or High Commission on what travel documents they may need to secure.

  • Abide by Perimeter’s Code of Conduct and COVID protocols
  • Pursue research relevant to their home institution graduate degree program as their primary activity while at Perimeter Institute (and while visiting Canada)
  • Participate in research activities while at Perimeter Institute
  • Apply for a temporary resident visa or ETA, and have them in place before travel to Canada begins.  Please consider current Visa processing times when planning your visit.
  • Purchase international health insurance covering the duration of their visit
  • Arrange for their own flight and transportation to and from the airport
  • Actively seek and arrange their own accommodation if they stay more than 30 days (see options below)
  • Provide a report of the work done at PI, including publications, talks, collaborations, and evaluation of their visit
  • Understand that a visit can be terminated with written notice by Perimeter Institute if the above terms are not met
  • Up to 30 days in a Perimeter Institute apartment room charged at $30 CDN per day while they search for longer-term accommodations (see options below)
  • Desk space at Perimeter Institute for the duration of their visit
  • 50% discount at Perimeter’s Black Hole Bistro
  • Opportunities to further enhance their research experience by participating in Perimeter’s unique collaborative environment

Please ensure you have adequate funding for your visit. Estimated monthly costs for living in Waterloo include:

  • Housing: $750-$1,200 per month + utilities
  • Food: $600 per month
  • Personal expenses: $385

Estimated total monthly costs: $1,800-$2,200

Note: These costs are estimates only and may vary significantly.

Housing can be limited in Waterloo. We suggest you begin your search as soon as your visit is approved and adjust your visit dates if suitable housing is not available.

Search options for local accommodations:

We recommend confirming commute times/options between your housing and Perimeter Institute before you finalize housing.

Public transit:

Grand River Transit (GRT) is our local bus service and includes the ION light rail. Learn more about fares & passes and where to buy them.

Walking and Cycling:

Perimeter Institute is located along the Laurel Trail, and is in a great location for many cycling and walking routes.