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Research positions


Perimeter Faculty members devote themselves fully to intense research and collaboration at Perimeter, unincumbered by many of the administrative and teaching demands of traditional academia. This research-centric approach empowers Faculty members to truly pursue breakthroughs and attract exceptional students and collaborators from around the world to Perimeter. 

Associate Faculty

Perimeter Institute’s Associate Faculty members are jointly hired with a partnering university. The Associate Faculty Program at Perimeter Institute enables the institute to partner with research universities throughout Canada to jointly recruit scientists of international calibre.

Perimeter Research Chairs

Named for famous scientists whose insights helped define physics, Perimeter Research Chairs provide resources and support to scientists working in fields with high potential for breakthroughs.

Distinguished Visiting Research Chairs (DVRC)

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Postdoctoral Researchers

Perimeter is home to one of the world’s largest concentrations of postdoctoral researchers in theoretical physics. These community of early-career scientists are fully immersed in Perimeter’s dynamic, multi-disciplinary environment. In addition to three-year postdoctoral terms, Perimeter also has prestigious named four-year fellowships and jointly appointed fellowships with partner universities. 

Associate Postdoctoral Researcher

Associate Postdoctoral Researchers divide their time between Perimeter and their home institute, a Perimeter partnering university.

Research Associate

Research Associates hold five-year positions that are the equivalent of “Research Professor” at a university. The Research Associate program enables early-career researchers to focus on promising areas of research, or to support new initiatives, for an extended period prior to moving on to faculty or private-sector research positions.

Academic Staff

Academic staff are early-career scientists who help drive the graduate training program at Perimeter. They each devote at least 40 percent of their time to teaching, while devoting the rest to ongoing learning, research, and otherwise contributing to the academic and social culture of the Institute. 


Simons Emmy Noether Fellows

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Visiting Fellows

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PSI Fellow

PSI fellows instruct and mentor students in the Perimeter Scholars International (PSI) master’s-level program. Fellows participate in the design and management of the program and have the opportunity to conduct a research program of their own.

Affiliate Members

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Graduate Students:

Resident PhD Student

Perimeter Graduate students are full-time residents of the Institute, working under the supervision of a Perimeter Faculty member while receiving their degree from a partnering university.

Associate Graduate Student

Associate Graduate students divide their time between Perimeter and their home institute, a partner university from which they receive their degree.

Other Resident Student

Perimeter graduate students are full-time residents of the Institute, working under the supervision of a Perimeter faculty member while receiving their degrees from a partnering university.

PSI Student

Students of the Perimeter Scholars International (PSI) program study and collaborate in Perimeter community, learning from leaders from across the breadth of theoretical physics, and earn a degree accredited by the University of Waterloo.

Undergraduate Student

Perimeter Institute invites exceptional undergraduate students to join its research community for short-term summer research projects, running from May to mid-August.