Simon Foreman

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Joint Postdoctoral Researcher PI/NRC
Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics
I work on cosmology: the study of the evolution and contents of the universe as a whole. My research encompasses theory, simulations, and data analysis, with the common theme of developing methods for learning more about the universe. My recent activities primarily focus on 21cm intensity mapping, a (relatively) new way to probe the cosmic distribution of matter by measuring radiation from distant clouds of neutral hydrogen. I am a member of the CHIME collaboration, which is currently analyzing data from a custom-built radio telescope designed for this technique, and the PUMA proposing team, which is developing a concept for a next-generation telescope that would use 21cm intensity mapping to obtain transformative cosmological constraints. Beyond this, I have broad interests in cosmology, and have worked on perturbation theory for large-scale structure, baryonic effects on large-scale clustering, non-21cm line intensity mapping, and several other topics.
  • Detection of Cosmological 21cm Emission with CHIME UBC-SFU cosmology meeting 10 December 2021