Michael Trott

Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics
Areas of research:


I was raised in Ontario and earned my B.Sc. (Joint Honours Physics/Math) at the University of Waterloo. I then earned a Ph.D at Toronto and did a post doctoral/surfing stint at University of California San Diego before joining PI as a postdoc.

UCSD (2006-2008), UofT (2000-2005) 

I am interested in effective field theory approaches to outstanding problems in particle physics, with an eye on testable applications for LHC. For this reason, I have constructed effective field theories of the Higgs sector to investigate the effects of new physics beyond the standard model on the properties of the Higgs. Recently I have been using the approximate global symmetry of minimal flavour violation as a model building tool to explore possible field content that could be discovered at LHC consistent with known flavour constraints on the TeV scale. My interests also extend to model building in the Higgs sector and possible explanations of the origins of matter (e.g. EW Baryogenesis, Leptogenesis) in particle physics. I also use effective field theories of QCD (HQET,SCET) to investigate aspects of B physics, Jets and Higgs phenomenology.
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