Laura Reinholz

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BMO Financial Group


With 20 years in the financial services industry, Laura started her career providing investment and financial planning advice. Since completing her MBA with the University of Liverpool in 2012, Laura now focuses on transformational business strategy and customer experience. As the director of BMO for Women, Laura leads the strategic direction and tactical recommendations for BMO’s North American businesses, championing the needs of women clients. By creating educational and inspirational content for, partnering with organizations focusing on advancing women, and training BMO’s client-facing employees to understand the subtle differences between clients, Laura and her team are advocates for gender equality, and of reducing the challenges women face in their careers, businesses, and finances.

Laura is an Influencer Member of the United Way’s Women United group, sits on the executive advisory board for GroYourBiz and is a member of the Women Deliver 2019 Mobilization Consortium and the Emmy Noether Council with the Perimeter Institute. In her spare time you can find Laura travelling via planes, trains or motorcycles, documenting her adventures on her blog or focusing on health and wellness.