Eder Izaguirre

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Phd: Stanford University 2012

Area of Research:
Email: eizaguirre@perimeterinstitute.ca
Phone: x7025

Research Interests

I work on theoretical particle physics. My main topics of interest in the last few years have been light Dark Matter (and other light weakly-coupled particles) at fixed-target electron beam experiments or low energy high intensity experiments in general. I've also devoted my efforts to various questions in LHC phenomenology, including connections to DM, and on techniques for improving precision measurements at the LHC. Lastly, I also work on signatures of DM from indirect detection experiments, particularly the Fermi Large Area Telescope.

Recent Publications

  • A New Observable for Identifying Dijet Resonances, Eder Izaguirre, Brian Shuve, Itay Yavin, arXiv: 1407.7037.
  • Dark matter search in a Beam-Dump eXperiment (BDX) at Jefferson Lab, M. Battaglieri, et. al., arXiv: 1406.3028.
  • Probing New Physics with Underground Accelerators and Radioactive Sources, Eder Izaguirre, Gordan Krnjaic, Maxim Pospelov, arXiv: 1405.4864.
  • The Galactic Center Excess from the Bottom Up, Eder Izaguirre, Gordan Krnjaic, Brian Shuve, arXiv: 1404.2018.
  • Physics Motivation for a Pilot Dark Matter Search at Jefferson Laboratory, Eder Izaguirre, Gordan Krnjaic, Philip Schuster, Natalia Toro, arXiv: 1403.6826.
  • Dark Sectors and New, Light, Weakly-Coupled Particles, R. Essig, et. al., arXiv: 1311.0029.
  • Eder Izaguirre, Gordan Krnjaic, Philip Schuster, Natalia Toro, New Electron Beam-Dump Experiments to Search for MeV to few-GeV Dark Matter, arXiv: 1307.6554.
  • Fermi-LAT Collaboration, Search for Gamma-ray Spectral Lines with the Fermi Large Area Telescope and Dark Matter Implications, arXiv: 1305.5597.
  • On Behalf of the Fermi-LAT Collaboration (E. Bloom , E. Charles, E. Izaguirre, A. Snyder, A. Albert, B. Winer, Z. Yang, R. Essig), Search of the Earth Limb Fermi Data and Non-Galactic Center Region Fermi Data for Signs of Narrow Lines, arXiv: 1303.2733.
  • Jet Substructure by Accident, Timothy Cohen, Eder Izaguirre, Mariangela Lisanti, Hou Keong Lou, arXiv: 1212.1456.


  • Talk at BOOST 2014, UCL, London, August 2014.
  • Theory seminar, University of Illinois at Chicago, November 2013.
  • Theory seminar, SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, October 2013.
  • Informal theory seminar, Princeton University, October 2013.
  • TRIUMF theory seminar, September 2013.
  • Particle physics seminar, University of Victoria, September 2013.
  • Accidental Jet Substructure at the LHC, Michigan State University, January 2013.
  • Accidental Jet Substructure at the LHC, Harvard University, November 2012.