Dominik Neuenfeld

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Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics
My research focuses on various aspects of quantum gravity, mostly inspired by the AdS/CFT correspondence. Recently, a new method to compute the Page curve for an evaporating black hole was proposed -- the "island formula". Together with various collaborators, I am investigating how the island formula is realized in doubly holographic scenarios within AdS/CFT. Holographic duality between gravity and some quantum mechanical dual theory is much less understood in asymptotically flat spacetimes. I am interested in using the flat space limit of AdS/CFT and flat space scattering theory to construct realizations of holography in asymptotically Minkowski spacetimes.
  • It From Qubit Fellowship
  • Four Year Doctoral Fellowship, UBC
  • Norman H. Benson Award, UBC
  • H. Z. Chen, R. C. Myers, D. Neuenfeld, I. A. Reyes, J. Sandor, Quantum Extremal Islands Made Easy, Part I: Entanglement on the Brane, JHEP 10 (2020), 166, arXiv: 2006.04851
  • E. Hijano, D. Neuenfeld, Soft photon theorems from CFT Ward identites in the flat limit of AdS/CFT, JHEP 11 (2020), 009, arXiv: 2005.03667
  • S. Cooper, D. Neuenfeld, M. Rozali, D. Wakeham, Brane dynamics from the first law of entanglement, JHEP 03 (2020), 023, arXiv: 1912.05746
  • "Quantum extremal Islands made easy", Lecture at Island Hopping 2020, CERN
  • "Quantum extremal Islands made easy", Conference Talk at Strings2020, YITP, Kyoto
  • "Quantum extremal Islands made easy", Seminar at University van Amsterdam
  • "Soft photon theorems from CFT Ward identites in the flat limit of AdS/CFT", Talk at the virtual congress of the Canadian Association of Physicists, Hamilton
  • "Soft photon theorems from CFT Ward identites in the flat limit of AdS/CFT", Seminar at UBC, Vancouver
  • "Asymptotic states and Hilbert spaces in four dimensional scattering with massless particles", Talk at S-matrix Bootstrap workshop, ICTP-SAIFR, São Paulo
  • "Quantum information in scattering, IRdivergences and asymptotic states", Talk at Quantum Information and String Theory 2019, YITP, Kyoto