Miles Stoudenmire

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Research Interests

My research concerns developing and applying computational methods for studying one- and two-dimensional strongly correlated systems. There is currently an exciting interplay between condensed matter physics, quantum information theory, and numerical algorithm development which is making it possible to study more realistic many-body systems, including their dynamical and finite-temperature behavior.

I am also the lead developer of the ITensor C++ Library, which facilitates powerful matrix-product-state DMRG calculations for 1d and 2d systems, as well as post-DMRG tensor-network methods. For more information see

Recent Publications

  • Lucas O. Wagner, Thomas E. Baker, E.M. Stoudenmire, Kieron Burke, and Steven R. White, "Kohn-Sham Calculations with the Exact Functional", Phys. Rev. B, Jun 2014, arXiv: 1405.0864
  • A.B. Kallin, E.M. Stoudenmire, P. Fendley, R.R.P. Singh, and R.G. Melko, "Corner contribution to the entanglement entropy of an O(3) quantum critical point in 2+1 dimensions", J. Stat. Mech. 6, Jun 2014, P06009, arXiv: 1401.3504


  • "Corner Contributions to Entanglement Entropy in Critical Systems", talk at CCP2014 Computational Physics Conference, Aug. 11-14 at Boston University.
  • "Numerical Evidence for Fibonacci Anyons in Lattice Models of Quantum Hall / Superconductor Heterostructures" UC Irvine Condensed Matter Seminar talk, May 21, 2014.