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Science isn't just about the technologies that it brings in its wake. It's about questioning, developing new ideas, being wrong and trying again. And again. And again, until something durable and true is uncovered. This kind of gritty mindset — this curiosity and passion — is exactly what we need as we all face our complex world.

Perimeter's outreach program shares the joy and power of science with curious minds of all ages. We host a renowned public lecture series featuring all-star scientists and thinkers. We hold science festivals and create great science communications like our online magazine Inside the Perimeter, which includes the regular Slice of PI as well as in-depth science features.

We have our eye on the future, too. Today's kids will need the tools, the playfulness, and the tenacity of scientists to tackle the challenges of our future. Perimeter aims to turn kids on to science by giving their teachers outstanding tools and professional training.

One teacher attending our EinsteinPlus summer camp for physics teachers might reach 25 students per class in a semester. One of our Perimeter Teacher Network master educators might reach 25 more teachers. One of our award-winning education kits in one school easily reaches 25 classrooms full of kids.

Using this powerful formula, Perimeter has reached millions of youth across Canada and in 118 countries around the world. They're not just learning about quantum mechanics and modern cosmology — they're developing a passion for science. And they're getting ready to build a better future.

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