Quantum Criticality: Gauge Fields and Matter

Event Type: Conference
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Quantum Matter
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Ever more efficient numerical methods, such as quantum Monte Carlo sampling of an expanded classes of known sign-problem-free models and tensor network methods have enabled unbiased studies of a number of exotic phases and continuous phase transitions, such as those involving topological phases and emergent gauge fields. The phenomena of interest often arise in simple looking "designer" models, which have appeal to a wide variety of theorists, including those who study condensed matter, high energy physics, and quantum information. The common thread is that these models can be viewed as interesting models of materials, as regularizations of strongly coupled quantum field theories or as playgrounds to study highly entangled quantum systems. This interdisciplinary workshop aims to bring together researchers with the goal of facilitating an exchange of ideas for understanding these models using diverse numerical methods and from the field theoretic point of view.

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