Many-Body Quantum Chaos and Spectral Form Factor

PIRSA ID: 21100008
Série : Quantum Matter
Event Type: Seminar
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Quantum Matter
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  • Amos Chan, Princeton University

The study of spectral statistics is of importance due to its universality and utility as a robust diagnostic of quantum chaos. For closed many-body quantum chaotic systems, I will present two results: (i) a quantum-classical mapping that connects the Thouless time, which characterizes the onset of RMT of the spectral form factor (SFF); and the spectral gap of a dual classical stochastic system; (ii) a set of Lyapunov exponents which characterize the spectral statistics in the thermodynamic limit. For open quantum systems with complex spectra, I will propose and analyze a generalized SFF, and show that dissipative quantum chaotic systems display a “dip-ramp-plateau” behaviour with a quadratic ramp.