A colorful mirror solution to the strong CP problem - VIRTUAL

PIRSA ID: 24040075
Série : Particle Physics
Event Type: Seminar
Domaine(s) scientifique(s) :
Particle Physics
Date de fin :
  • Quentin Bonnefoy, University of Strasbourg

Theories which spontaneously break spacetime parity can solve the strong CP problem. They usually have few free parameters and are therefore very predictive, but their landscape remains quite unexplored. I will present a construction based on a complete mirror copy of the standard model, linked to our world by colored portal fields. Those induce the partial spontaneous breaking of the color groups, yielding a vanishing theta angle at low energies. The lightest BSM fields could be found at colliders, and are either colored (pseudo-Goldstone or vector) bosons, or some of the vectorlike fermions predicted by parity. The lightest of the latter can actually play the role of thermal dark matter in our model, unlike what was previously found in similar constructions.


This talk is virtual, but will also be broadcast in the Sky Room. 

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