SAGBI bases and mirror constructions for Kronecker moduli spaces

PIRSA ID: 24040074
Event Type: Seminar
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Mathematical Physics
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One way of constructing mirror partners to Fano varieties is via toric degenerations. The case in which this is best understood is the Grassmannian, using the well-known SAGBI basis of the Plucker coordinate ring indexed by semi-standard Young tableaux (SSYT). The mirror construction goes back to work of Eguchi—Hori—Xiong, however its geometry and combinatorics still plays an important role in current mirror constructions. In this talk, I will give an overview of this story, then turn to the question of what can be generalized for Kronecker moduli spaces. Like Grassmannians (which they generalize), Kronecker moduli spaces are high Fano index Picard rank 1 smooth Fano varieties. I will introduce linked SSYT pairs, which play the analogous role of SSYT for Grassmannians in understanding the coordinate ring of the Kronecker moduli space. This is joint work with Liana Heuberger.


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