Mixed-state quantum anomaly and multipartite entanglement

PIRSA ID: 24020093
Event Type: Seminar
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Quantum entanglement measures of many-body states have been increasingly useful to characterize phases of matter. Here we explore the surprising connection between symmetry-protected topology (SPT) and separability of their boundary mixed states. More specifically, we consider lattice systems in d space dimensions with anomalous symmetry G, where the anomaly is characterized by a bulk SPT invariant in the group cohomology Hd+2(G,U(1)). We show that any mixed state ρ that is strongly symmetric under G, in the sense that G ρ ∝ ρ, is necessarily (d+2)-nonseparable, i.e. is not the mixture of tensor products of d+2 states in the Hilbert space. Furthermore, such states cannot be prepared from any (d+2)-separable states using finite-depth local quantum channels, so the non-separability is long-ranged in nature. The anomaly-nonseparability connection also allows us to generate simple examples of mixed states with nontrivial multi-partite entanglement.


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