Fuzzy dark matter and the H_0 gravitational lensing measurement

PIRSA ID: 24020065
Série : Particle Physics
Event Type: Seminar
Domaine(s) scientifique(s) :
Particle Physics
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  • Luca Teodori, Weizmann Institute of Science

Fuzzy dark matter can form cored density distributions, named solitons, at the center of galaxies. Such cores can be viewed as approximate mass sheets and can affect the time delay cosmography Hubble constant (H_0) measurement via the mass sheet degeneracy. We show that a subdominant component of fuzzy dark matter can yield a 10 percent shift in the inferred H_0, if the particle mass is of order 10^-25 eV. The sensitivity of time delays on such cores (difficult to spot otherwise) may give a further probe in constraining the fuzzy dark matter scenario, if an H_0 prior is assumed.


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