Gravothermal Evolution of Self-Interacting Dark Matter Halos in the Short Mean Free Path Regime - VIRTUAL

PIRSA ID: 24020064
Event Type: Seminar
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  • Sophia Nasr, York University

In this talk, I will discuss my exploration of the gravothermal collapse of isolated self-interacting dark matter (SIDM) halos, driven deep into the core-collapsed regime where interactions are frequent. We investigate how elastic collisions influence the central region of SIDM halos as they undergo core collapse. In our numerical findings, we discover a remarkable universality in the behavior of halos, allowing us to predict their evolution deep in the core-collapsed regime. We develop a semi-analytic method to characterize the core properties of the halo in the latest stages of evolution, which is crucial for making predictions of the mass of potential black holes forming at the heart of these dark matter halos.


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