Creases, corners and caustics: properties of non-smooth structures on black hole horizons

PIRSA ID: 23090105
Série : Quantum Gravity
Event Type: Seminar
Domaine(s) scientifique(s) :
Quantum Gravity
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  • Harvey Reall, University of Cambridge

The event horizon of a dynamical black hole is generically a non-smooth hypersurface. I shall describe the types of non-smooth structure that can arise on a horizon that is smooth at late time. This includes creases, corners and caustic points. I shall discuss ``perestroikas'' of these structures, in which they undergo a qualitative change at an instant of time. A crease perestroika gives an exact local description of the event horizon near the ``instant of merger'' of a generic black hole merger. Other crease perestroikas describe horizon nucleation or collapse of a hole in a toroidal horizon. I shall discuss the possibility that creases contribute to black hole entropy, and the implications of non-smoothness for higher derivative terms in black hole entropy. This talk is based on joint work with Maxime Gadioux.


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