Towards a non-relativistic AdS/CFT duality

PIRSA ID: 22110104
Event Type: Seminar
Domaine(s) scientifique(s) :
Quantum Fields and Strings
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  • Andrea Fontanella

The background geometry seen by a propagating string in the non-relativistic limit is non-Lorentzian. This motivates us to study the non-relativistic AdS/CFT correspondence as a new example of non-AdS holography. In this talk I will focus on the string side of the correspondence, keeping an integrability perspective, and illustrate remarkable differences from the relativistic theory. I will report on recent progress made in AdS5xS5 non-relativistic strings, in particular regarding their classical string solutions, semi-classical expansion of the action, coset space formulation of the action, Lax pair and some preliminary progress on the spectral curve. Based on work done in collaboration with J. M. Nieto, O. Ohlsson Sax, A. Torrielli, S. Van Tongeren. 

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