Faculty Positions at Perimeter Institute


“Follow what intrigues you, the questions that keep pulling at you. I was told I shouldn’t specialise in quantum gravity. But I found a path. What pulled me along every step was being passionate in what I was doing.”

Bianca Dittrich, Faculty Chair

Perimeter Institute is a major centre for theoretical physics research, attracting a diverse community of scientists from around the world.

Our areas of research include:

We encourage scientists working in foundational areas of theoretical physics to apply for tenure and tenure-track Faculty and Associate Faculty positions.

Luis Lehner

“We have a particular edge, here at Perimeter, because of who we are, what we do, and the connections we have. We have gone, in very short years, from the first detection of gravitational waves, to having many per month. And we're going to have many per day."

- Luis Lehner, Faculty Member, Perimeter Institute (2009-)

What Makes Perimeter Different for Faculty?

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Research Environment

  • Unequalled research freedom that enables physicists to focus on solving the problems they are most passionate about
  • Architecturally innovative building designed with extensive input from scientists to optimise research, training, and scientific outreach
  • Institute support in creating special research initiatives aimed at further developing new ideas
  • A lively and diverse series of seminars, workshops, and conferences bringing together the best minds in a variety of fields
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Salary and Benefits

  • Competitive salary 
  • Extended health care benefits which include medical, dental, vision, psychological and paramedical (i.e. physiotherapy, massage, chiropractor), travel insurance and more. Eligible dependents also receive coverage.  
  • Disability and life insurance coverage 
  • Employer matched registered pension plan
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Research Support

  • Flexible research fund to support travel and research collaboration
  • Support to invite visitors
  • Opportunity to organise workshops and conferences with full logistical support
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Relocation and Immigration Support

  • Assistance with relocation
  • Short-term temporary housing upon arrival
  • Immigration support for temporary work authorization and Permanent Residency
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Partner and Family Support

  • Career support to help partners find Canadian employment
  • Opportunity for partners to participate in organisational activities and programs to help build community
  • Top ups for maternity and parental leave for all employees
  • Priority registration to PI day care partnerships
  • PI Child friendly play space and planned family activities each year
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Health and Wellness Resources

  • Employee and family support services from confidential third party (Homewood Health)
  • Onsite counselling services or private practice coverage
  • Onsite yoga and personal training
  • 24-hour fitness centre
  • Social and wellness events and activities
William East

“Everyone here has very broad interests, and ambitious interests too. There's a lot of interaction between the different research groups.

If you talk to the cosmologists, or the particle physicists, or the quantum gravity people, there's interesting overlap, it's a good place to do ambitious and broad research.”

William East Faculty Member, Perimeter Institute (2018-)

Perimeter Institute’s Commitment:

PI EDI Commitment

Perimeter Institute brings together great minds in a shared endeavour to achieve breakthroughs in theoretical physics. Our culture thrives on collaboration and new perspectives.

We recognize that imbalances persist, both in theoretical physics in general and at Perimeter Institute specifically. We are taking concrete actions to increase inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility in our community.

You can learn more about Perimeter’s EDI Strategy here.



"We’re here to make breakthroughs in our understanding of the universe - and we can’t afford to leave any great thinkers, or any great ideas, behind."

Robert Myers, Director and BMO Financial Group Isaac Newton Chair