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Research internship program

When applying to Perimeter’s PSI Start program, applicants have the option to apply for a research internship in person at Perimeter. Interns will spend between twelve and sixteen weeks at Perimeter Institute and work on projects alongside Perimeter researchers.

Examples of past research internship projects

  • Constraining fundamental physics with cosmological data and machine learning
  • Cross-correlation between stochastic gravitational wave background and other cosmological backgrounds
  • Universe with a thermal origin
  • Geometry of flag configuration
  • Resolving time travel paradoxes
  • Entanglement in two-dimensional gauge theory
  • Applications of automated symmetry decomposition: quantum chemistry, quantum causality
  • Automating the decomposition of group representations
  • Was Dirac right when he said that interference between two different photons never occurs?
  • Resolving time travel paradoxes
  • Conformal boundary conditions in the CS formulation of three-dimensional gravity
  • How realistic are warp drives?
  • Deriving statistics inequalities from measuring quantum states
  • Out-of-time-order-correlators as an indicator of chaos?
  • Understanding the chirality of quantum states
  • Quantum many-body physics on quantum hardware
  • Identifying topological order using unsupervised machine learning
  • Quantum many-body physics on quantum hardware
  • Range of entanglement in spin chains
  • Sparse grids
  • How realistic are warp drives?
  • Resolving time travel paradoxes
  • Spacetime algebra for numerical relativity
  • Tidal effects for compact objects in scalar-tensor theories