Will Percival

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University of Waterloo
Areas of research:
Perimeter Institute is committed to diversity within its community and I welcome applications from underrepresented groups. If you are interested in working with me as a MSc research student (2-year course, Research Thesis option), please submit an application directly to my department at the University of Waterloo and indicate that you would like to be supervised by me.
I work in the field of cosmology, using observations to test theoretical models. I focus particularly on galaxy surveys, using the positions of galaxies to measure the cosmological expansion rate and growth of cosmological structure. I use these to constrain Dark Energy, the mechanism responsible for the present-day acceleration in the expansion rate.
  • 2005-2018 Institute of Cosmology & Gravitation, University of Portsmouth, Professor of Cosmology
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  • PIRSA:21040037, Mapping the Universe with eBOSS, 2021-04-07, Perimeter Public Lectures
  • PIRSA:20070028, Cosmology from the SDSS, 2020-07-28, Cosmology & Gravitation
  • PIRSA:20020077, The future of spectroscopic galaxy surveys , 2020-02-21, Centre for the Universe - Waterloo Centre for Astrophysics Day
  • Organiser for the meeting ``Wide-Field Astronomy in Canada'', at PI, October 2018.