Pooya Ronagh

Equations on a chalkboard with a shadow outline of a person
University of Waterloo
Areas of research:
  • Marcotte, F., Mouny, P. -A., Yon, V., Dagnew, G. A., Kulchytskyy, B., Rochette, S., . . . Ronagh, P. (2023). A Cryogenic Memristive Neural Decoder for Fault-tolerant Quantum Error Correction. arxiv:2307.09463v1
  • Crum, N. A., Sunny, L., Ronagh, P., Laflamme, R., Balu, R., & Siopsis, G. (2023). On the Computational Cost of Stochastic Security. arxiv:2305.07973v1
  • Wei, V., Coish, W. A., Ronagh, P., & Muschik, C. A. (2023). Neural-Shadow Quantum State Tomography. doi:10.48550/arxiv.2305.01078
  • Motamedi, A., & Ronagh, P. (2022). Gibbs Sampling of Periodic Potentials on a Quantum Computer. arxiv:2210.08104v3
  • Khosravi, F., Yildiz, U., Scherer, A., & Ronagh, P. (2022). Non-convex Quadratic Programming Using Coherent Optical Networks. arxiv:2209.04415v3
  • Bennewitz, E. R., Hopfmueller, F., Kulchytskyy, B., Carrasquilla, J., & Ronagh, P. (2021). Neural Error Mitigation of Near-Term Quantum Simulations. doi:10.1038/s42256-022-00509-0