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Scientific visitors

At Perimeter we believe that national and global collaboration are central to the progression of theoretical physics.  We welcome applications from scientists at various career levels and in all physics research areas for periods of time ranging from several days to a year. The merits of each will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. For details about our programs see below. To search past, current, and future scientific visitors to Perimeter, go to our Visitors page.


Types of scientific visitors

Distinguished Visiting Research Chairs (DVRCs)

Leading scientists from around the world who are appointed to three-year, renewable terms while retaining permanent positions at their home institutions. DVRCs come to Perimeter for extended periods to do research, collaborate, and participate in all facets of life at the Institute. They may also provide valuable guidance on the development of their area at Perimeter. View current DVRCs at Perimeter.

Visiting Fellows

Much like DVRCs, Visiting Fellows span a wide range of expertise, are appointed to renewable terms, and retain their positions at their home institutions while visiting Perimeter for extended research visits of up to six months each year. View current visiting fellows at Perimeter.

Simons Emmy Noether Fellows

Women scientists of exceptional promise who come from around the world to spend up to a year pursuing their work while on leave from their home institutions. Learn more about our Simons Emmy Noether Fellowship program.

Visiting Researchers

Researchers on leave from their home institutions who come to Perimeter to do research for extended periods of up to one year (often for sabbatical). Learn more about our Visiting Researchers program.

Affiliate Members

Physics faculty at other Canadian universities who have a standing invitation to visit Perimeter at any time to collaborate with resident researchers, attend talks and conferences, and enjoy a workspace free of their usual distractions. Learn more about how to become an Affiliate Member.