Person looking at a laptop screen with a virtual classroom setting

PSI Start Bridge

Perimeter Institute recognizes that there can be many barriers students face in reaching their potential, such as not having had the opportunity to study advanced undergraduate physics, having encountered obstacles in their studies, or wanting to switch to theoretical physics from a different background (e.g., engineering, mathematics). In order to help students overcome these barriers and acquire skills that will help them apply to a physics graduate program, such as Perimeter’s PSI Master’s program, Perimeter Institute has introduced the PSI Start Bridge program.

Five to ten participants in Perimeter’s PSI Start program will be invited to receive continued academic training after the online school has finished. PSI Start Bridge participants will attend weekly online tutorials and discussion sessions on advanced topics in undergraduate physics including quantum mechanics, classical mechanics, relativity, and statistical physics. Participants will also meet regularly with assigned mentors and have opportunities to interact with PI researchers.

PSI Start Bridge is a part-time online program designed to supplement the final year of a degree program or facilitate the transition from full-time work to graduate school. From September to April, participants should expect to spend approximately 5 hours per week on the program. Of that time, one or two hours per week will be virtual meetings with other participants, the mini-course instructors, or other Perimeter Institute staff, faculty, or students. Three to four hours should be reserved each week for independent study.