Shadows and Science: Perimeter Institute’s Day Under the 2024 Eclipse

When the sun took a brief timeout behind the moon, folks at the Perimeter Institute turned the entire day into a celebration of the cosmos!

From impromptu viewing parties to some seriously cool snapshot sessions, our team made the most of the 2024 solar eclipse. 

We’re excited to share a collection of fun and fascinating pictures our members took during the eclipse. For even more amazing photos, be sure to check out our Instagram!

Photo taken by Joshua Kirklin - Postdoctoral Researcher at Perimeter Institute
Photo taken by Conner Dailey - Resident PhD Student at Perimeter Institute | @taketwicedailey on Instagram

Viewing at Partial Eclipse in Waterloo

Although Perimeter wasn’t within the path of totality, the enthusiasm for the solar eclipse was sky-high. Waterloo experienced a partial eclipse, with almost 99% of the Sun's disk covered by the Moon, turning the Sun into a crescent as the sky darkened.

Photo taken by Shannon Henderson - Coordinator, People and Culture at Perimeter Institute
Photo taken by Evan Pappas - Manager, Marketing at Perimeter Institute
Photo taken by Layla Umara - Social Media Specialist at Perimeter Institute

A Trip to View a Total Solar Eclipse

A group from Perimeter ventured into the path of totality for an unparalleled view of the eclipse. There, they experienced the stunning spectacle of totality—when the Moon completely covers the Sun, casting a shadow that envelops the surroundings in twilight.

Photo taken by Keke Zhang - Resident PhD Student at Perimeter Institute
Photo by Christine Muschik - Research Associate Faculty at Perimeter Institute
Photo taken by Alex May - Research Faculty at Perimeter Institute

From here we turn our focus to the 2026 solar eclipse, which will be Europe's first one in 27 years. If you don't want to miss it, consider a trip to Spain or Iceland that summer!

Did you take any photos of the 2024 eclipse? If so, we'd love to see them. Tag us on Instagram to be highlighted on our story! 

What should I do with my eclipse glasses?

Wondering how to dispose of your eclipse sunglasses?

The simplest way is to pop out the protective film and throw it in the garbage, then put the cardboard frames in the blue bin.

You can also donate to Astronomers Without Borders for upcoming eclipses in areas without access to them: