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Perimeter voted among top Canadian workplaces

The inaugural Employee Recommended Workplace Awards, based on surveys of employees, recognized Perimeter Institute for its inspiring, healthy, and family-focused environment.

The best way to take the pulse of an organization is to seek the opinions of its employees.

That was the philosophy behind the first Employee Recommended Workplace Awards, which saw Perimeter honoured among eight other Canadian companies at a ceremony in Toronto this week. 

Perimeter earned top marks from its employees to win the prize for mid-size Not-For-Profit/Government organizations. 

Thirty-two finalists from across the country earned recognition based on a confidential survey taken by employees. 

“It shows we have an environment where people know that we are there for them, to support them throughout their work life, and that’s our ultimate goal,” said Sheri Keffer, Perimeter’s director of People and Culture, in a Globe and Mail article about the awards.

“We all benefit from the programs we do, and being recognized by the employees is the best recognition.”

Perimeter COO and Managing Director Michael Duschenes said the award underlines the emphasis the Institute puts on creating an atmosphere where researchers, students, and administrative staff are supported and inspired. 

“Perimeter aims to recruit the world’s top theoretical physicists and to support their work with exceptional administrative staff,” said Duschenes, who was interviewed for a different Globe and Mail article about effective workplaces.

“That’s why we put such emphasis on an inspiring and welcoming environment for everyone. The healthy living programs, peer mental health support, exercise facilities, family activities – they’re all available to every member of the Perimeter community.”

The Employee Recommended Workplace Award, jointly created by The Globe and Mail and Morneau Shepell, recognizes companies for excellence in achieving a healthy, engaged, and productive workforce.

A company’s employees take a survey based on four pillars: work, life, mental health, and physical health. Each employee gets a score based on their responses, and the aggregate of a company’s employee responses determine that organization’s score. 

For more information, visit the Employee Recommended Worplace Awards site

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