Beyond the Atom - Remodelling Particle Physics

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Perimeter In-Class Resource Now Available

What is everything made of? This question is one of the deepest, most profound in human history. Perimeter's award-winning Outreach team takes you on a discovery-rich journey from Rutherford scattering experiments in 1911 to today's Large Hadron Collider (LHC). This new in-class teaching resource advances understanding of the building blocks that make up everything in the cosmos. The video, with accompanying teacher’s guide, is geared towards high school students and links to curriculum including Electric and Magnetic Fields, Conservation of Momentum, Collisions, Rutherford Scattering, Atomic Structure, Special Relativity, the Standard Model and the Process of Science. Other topics covered include Detectors at the LHC, the Higgs boson and other mysteries the LHC is chasing. "The Standard model demystified. This innovative resource introduces students and teachers to the cutting-edge science of quarks, leptons, and bosons as a natural extension of Rutherford’s experiment. Collaborations between PI and CERN have produced a must-see, must-use resource," says Perimeter Director of Educational Outreach, Greg Dick. Watch the trailer now. Teachers can download the kit for use in classrooms, with hard copy kits also available to educators in Canada. Full kits can be ordered here

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