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Conference Proposal Application Form

  1. Please fill in this application and click on the "Submit" button at the end of the form.  Do NOT submit the application form more than once.
  2. Shortly after submitting the form you will receive an automated confirmation e-mail containing an application ID number.

All information and documents submitted are stored in a secure, confidential database at Perimeter Institute, which can be accessed only by the Conference Committee.  We appreciate your cooperation with this application procedure.

General Information

Proposals should be submitted in January, May, and September so that planning for the year may take place in a timely manner.

Researchers are encouraged to meet with the Conference Coordinator for assistance in submitting proposals. The Conference Coordinator will review all applications to ensure they are complete and follow up with the conference organizer(s) if there is any information required.

Proposals will be vetted by the Committee Chair. If approved, the Coordinator will follow up with the Conference Organizer(s) as soon as a decision has been reached regarding their proposal. The Coordinator will send a detailed outline of the proposed event and, if necessary, will set up a meeting to review the event and begin planning.

No invitations should be sent prior to a written receipt of the above document

Conference participants are invited for the length of the conference. If their visit is to extend beyond the dates of the conference, they must be invited as a collaborator for the extra days.

Organizers must submit a post-event report within one week of the event.