Child Care Support Application

To facilitate parent-scientist participation at Perimeter conferences and workshops, we offer financial support of up to $350 per family per week. Funds may be used to either bring dependent children to Perimeter or to cover additional child care expenses at home while mom or dad travels to Perimeter.

Interested conference participants must fill out and submit this application for approval before the conference.

Personal Details

Child Care Information

Examples of Reimburseable Expenses

If your child comes with you to Waterloo, allowable expenses include:

  • The child’s transportation costs, babysitting or childcare fees incurred here, transportation to and from child care centres, and fees for day camp (which may be available during summer).
  • If you bring a caregiver (who can be a family member), their transportation and lodging is reimbursable.
  • If your child stays home while you travel to Perimeter, additional child care costs incurred because of your trip are claimable.

Please Note: If you’re unsure whether an expense can be covered, just send an email to our Tania Framst ([email protected]), outlining your situation and ask for clarification about what this program would cover for your specific case.