3 PSI students 2018 interacting if front of a blackboard in the atrium

Financial support

Each year, students from countries around the world will be admitted into the unique Perimeter Scholars International program. Admission is highly competitive. Scholarships are extended to up to 25 accepted students, and students are encouraged to also access scholarships from other sources.

Full scholarships are available to cover:

  • Full tuition
  • Accommodation
  • Meals
  • Living stipend
  • Health insurance
  • Book and materials
  • Necessary IT equipment
  • Travel supplement 

The above provisions have no cash value and are provided as-is.

Consideration for a full scholarship is part of the admissions process.

PSI students are expected to apply for any non-PSI scholarship funding for which they may be eligible. If successful in obtaining funding, a portion will be applied to the cost of the PSI program and the remainder will be for students' use. Please contact us to discuss your particular situation.