Abstract image of numbers coming together to look like dimension

Women at the Intersection of Mathematics and Theoretical Physics

Event Type: Conference
Scientific Area(s):
Mathematical Physics
PIRSA collection: http://pirsa.org/C21002
End date:

This (online) meeting aims to create new bridges between mathematics and physics and to strengthen the existing ones, by bringing together women mathematicians and physicists from various horizons working on the border of these two disciplines. It is aimed at identifying new trends of research at the frontier between mathematics, quantum field theory and string theory and exploring how they intertwine.

By essence an interdisciplinary meeting, it is expected to trigger interactions between the senior and junior participants, who will be encouraged to meet up in a mentoring scheme as part of the conference programme. The scientific programme of the meeting will be geared around three transversal topics: Symmetry and Duality, Locality and Singularity, Topological and Geometric Invariants.

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