Witnessing non-classicality in a causal structure with three observable variables - Pedro Nobrega Lauand, Physics Institute at University of Campinas

PIRSA ID: 23020037
Event Type: Seminar
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Quantum Foundations
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Bell's theorem proves that quantum theory is inconsistent with local physical models and, from the perspective of causal inference, it can be seen as the impossibility of providing a classical causal explanation to quantum correlations. Bell's theorem has propelled research in the foundations of quantum theory and quantum information science. In the last decade, the investigation of nonlocality has moved beyond Bell's theorem to consider more complicated causal structures allowing for communication between the parts and involving several independent sources which distribute shares of physical systems in a network. For the case of three observable variables, it is known that there are three non-trivial causal networks. Two of those, are known to give rise to quantum non-classicality: the instrumental and the triangle scenarios. In this talk, we introduce new tools to tackle the compatibility problem in the general framework of Bayesian networks and explore the remaining non-trivial network, which we call the Evans scenario. We do not solve its main open problem –whether quantum non-classical correlations can arise from it – but give a significant step in this direction by proving that post-quantum correlations, analogous to the Popescu-Rohrlich box, do violate the constraints imposed by a classical description of Evans causal structure.

Zoom Link: https://pitp.zoom.us/j/98549320714?pwd=QVllZXNpZTFqekI1ZVUrK3ZLdnRjZz09