Towards quantum information processing in gravitating spacetimes"

PIRSA ID: 22010076
Event Type: Seminar
Scientific Area(s):
Quantum Information
End date:
  • Alex May, Stanford University

Aside from quantum mechanics, other areas in physics constrain information processing. From relativity, we know information cannot move faster than the speed of light. In quantum gravity, we expect but don't fully understand additional constraints, for instance on how densely information can be stored. Can we develop an understanding of information processing in the context of quantum gravity? Towards doing so, we consider quantum information within ``holographic'' spacetimes, which have an alternative, non-gravitational, description. In that context questions about information processing in the presence of gravity can be translated to different questions about quantum information without gravity. As a specific example, we study constraints on computation within a gravitating region, and use the holographic description to argue that gravity constrains the complexity of operations that can happen inside the region. Along the way, we are led to new connections relating quantum gravity, position-based cryptography, quantum secret sharing and complexity theory.