Simulating Z2 Quantum Spin Liquids Using Quantum Simulators

PIRSA ID: 23020036
Event Type: Seminar
Scientific Area(s):
Quantum Matter
End date:
  • Shiyu Zhou, Boston University

Recent advances in programmable quantum devices brought to the fore the intriguing possibility of using them to realize and investigate topological quantum spin liquids (QSLs) phase. This new and exciting direction brings about important research questions on how to probe and determine the presence of such exotic, highly entangled phases. In this talk, I will discuss how to construct Z2 QSLs states as the ground state of a static Hamiltonian with only local two-qubit interactions and a transverse field, and demonstrate its realization in the classical limit at the endpoint of quantum annealing protocol, using D-Wave DW-2000Q machine . I will also demonstrate how to probe signatures of Z2 QSLs fractional statistics in quantum simulators via quasiparticle interferometry. At the end, I will show the robustness of this probe against disorders and dephasing -- effects that are generally pervasive in quantum devices nowadays.

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