Searching for dark energy off the beaten track

PIRSA ID: 22010091
Event Type: Seminar
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  • Sunny Vagnozzi, University of Cambridge

Most of the efforts in searching for dark energy (DE) have focused on its gravitational signatures, and in particular on constraining its equation of state. However, there is a lot to be learned about DE by getting off the beaten track. I will first focus on non-gravitational interactions of DE with visible matter, leading to the possibility of "direct detection of dark energy" (analogous to direct detection of dark matter): I will argue that such interactions can and potentially may already have been detected in experiments such as XENON1T, while discussing complementary cosmological and astrophysical signatures. I will then discuss early- and late-time consistency tests of LCDM, and how these may shed light on (early and late) DE in relation to the Hubble tension. I will present two such tests based on the early ISW effect and the ages of the oldest astrophysical objects in the Universe.