Searching for accelerator-produced dark matter particles and other BSM signatures with the COHERENT CsI[Na] detector

PIRSA ID: 21090025
Event Type: Seminar
Scientific Area(s):
Particle Physics
End date:
  • Daniel Pershey, Duke University

The COHERENT collaboration made the first measurement of coherent elastic neutrino nucleus scattering(CEvNS) in 2017 using a low-background, 14.6-kg CsI[Na] detector at the SNS. Since initial detection, this detector has opened a new era of precision CEvNS measurements by doubling the detector exposure and improving understanding of the detector response. We these improvements, we now use CsI[Na] data to make competitive constraints of beyond-the-standard-model physics.
We will focus on our recent search for dark matter particles produced at the SNS. With our experience measuring CEvNS, we are sensitive to analogous coherent dark matter induced recoils in our detector. This is a novel approach for accelerator-based dark matter experiments. Searching in this channel is also very powerful, allowing relatively small detectors to explore new parameter space inaccessible to much larger detectors. We will briefly discus other BSM opportunities with COHERENT, showing current results from CsI[Na] along with future sensitivity.