Resurgence and non-perturbative effects in topological string theory

PIRSA ID: 24040101
Event Type: Seminar
Scientific Area(s):
Quantum Fields and Strings
End date:
  • Marcos Marino, University of Geneva (UNIGE)

Topological strings are well understood in perturbation theory, but their non-perturbative structure has been the subject of much work and speculation. A useful approach to this problem is to unveil the non-perturbative sectors of the theory by looking at the large order behavior of the perturbative series. This approach can be formulated in a mathematically rigorous way by using the theory of resurgence. In this talk I review the basic ideas behind this approach and I show that it can be successfully applied to topological string theory on arbitrary Calabi-Yau threefolds. Thsee methods lead, not only to explicit non-perturbative topological string amplitudes, but also to a conjecture relating the “invariants” of the theory of resurgence (also known as Stokes constants) to BPS invariants. Physically, this conjecture implies that the large order behavior of the topological string perturbative series contains information about the spectrum of stable D-brane sectors.


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