Quantum Spin Liquid Oasis in Desert States of Unfrustrated Spin Models: Mirage ?

PIRSA ID: 24050093
Series: Quantum Matter
Event Type: Seminar
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Quantum Matter
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Hilbert spaces are incomprehensibly vast and rich. Model Hamiltonians are space ships. They could take us to new worlds, such as cold textit{spin liquid oasis} in hot regions in Hilbert space deserts. Exact decomposition of isotropic Heisenberg Hamiltonian on a Honeycomb lattice into a sum of 3 non-commuting (permuted) Kitaev Hamiltonians, helps us build a degenerate textit{manifold of metastable flux free Kitaev spin liquid vacua} and vector Fermionic (Goldstone like) collective modes. Our method, textit{symmetric decomposition of Hamiltonians}, will help design exotic metastable quantum scars and exotic quasi particles, in nonexotic real systems.
G. Baskaran, arXiv:2309.07119


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