Quantum scars in quantum field theory

PIRSA ID: 23120040
Event Type: Seminar
Scientific Area(s):
Quantum Information
End date:
  • Annie Wei, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) - Center for Theoretical Physics

We develop the theory of quantum scars for quantum fields. By generalizing the formalisms of Heller and Bogomolny from few-body quantum mechanics to quantum fields, we find that unstable periodic classical solutions of the field equations imprint themselves in a precise manner on bands of energy eigenfunctions. This indicates a breakdown of thermalization at certain energy scales, in a manner that can be characterized via semiclassics. As an explicit example, we consider time-periodic non-topological solitons in complex scalar field theories. We find that an unstable variant of Q-balls, called Q-clouds, induce quantum scars. Some technical contributions of our work include methods for characterizing moduli spaces of periodic orbits in field theories, which are essential for formulating our quantum scar formula. We further discuss potential connections with quantum many-body scars in Rydberg atom arrays. Based on work in arXiv:2212.01637 with Jordan Cotler.


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