Phase transitions out of quantum Hall states in moire bilayers

PIRSA ID: 23090107
Series: Quantum Matter
Event Type: Seminar
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Quantum Matter
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Quantum Hall phases are the most exotic experimentally established quantum phases of matter.Recently they have been discovered at zero external magnetic field in two dimensional moire materials. I will describe recent work (with Xue-Yang Song and Ya-Hui Zhang) on their proximate phases and associated phase transitions that is motivated by the high tunability of thede moire systems. These phase transitions (and some of the proximate phases) are exotic as well, and realize novel ‘beyond Landau’ criticality that have been explored theoretically for many years. I will show that these moiré platforms provide a great experimental opportunity to study these unconventional phase transitions and related unconventional phases, thereby opening a new direction for research in quantum matter.


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