The night sky is part of the land: the ongoing colonization in astronomy research and space exploration.

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Series: Colloquium
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It has been argued astronomy and astrophysics as a research field developed with the first telescope.  At the same time that Galileo observed the phases of Venus and the moons of Jupiter, European Powers will colonizing the Americas and other parts of the world.  This began a relationship between astronomy and colonization that continues today in terms of astronomers and nations building giant telescopes on Indigenous lands.  In the future as private actors develop a new space industry we will see the export of this colonialism to Space, to the Moon and one day even to Mars. We are already seeing this today with the development of satellite constellations, some of which are visible by the unaided eye and with the multinational Artemis Accords for lunar exploration.  In this talk I will review the relation between astronomy and colonization in the past, present, and future; and I will discuss steps educators and astronomers can take to address this in the classroom and how the field of astronomy and space exploration can be inclusive of Indigenous rights and voices.

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