Horizons and Null Infinity: A Fugue in 4 voices

PIRSA ID: 24020038
Series: Quantum Gravity
Event Type: Seminar
Scientific Area(s):
Quantum Gravity
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Horizons of black holes in equilibrium and null infinity of asymptotically flat space-times are null 3-manifolds but have very different physical connotations. We first show that they share a large number of geometric properties, making them both weakly isolated horizons. We then use this new unified perspective to unravel the origin of the drastic differences in the physics they contain. Interestingly, the themes are woven together in a manner reminiscent of voices in a fugue.The talk is based on joint work with Simone Speziale (arXiv:2401.15618 and arXiv 2401:????).


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