Gravitational Waves Beyond the Boxes II

Event Type: Conference
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Strong Gravity
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Multi-band gravitational wave signals provide a new observational probe to study a broad range of topics in cosmology and fundamental physics. We plan to discuss what can be learned from gravitational waves and how robust current techniques are. We will discuss how accurately and robustly the Hubble parameter can be measured from gravitational wave sources, what we can learn about the remaining 95% of the Universe using gravitational waves, theoretical predictions from numerical simulations and how well these can be captured in waveform models, and robust data analysis techniques that can account for waveform uncertainties.

This workshop aims to bring together active researchers and experts in the field to discuss the key questions that can be explored using multi-band gravitational-wave observations, gauge the potential sources of uncertainty as well as possible ways to mitigate them and discuss novel ideas in the area.

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