Global Categorical Symmetries

Event Type: Conference
Scientific Area(s):
Mathematical Physics
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Recently enormous progress has been achieved in our understanding of the notion of global symmetries of quantum field theories (QFTs). These developments sparked from the realization that global symmetries can be generalized in terms of a quasitopological subsector of the spectrum of defects of a given QFT. The defects in question have various possible codimensions and this gives rise to interesting fusion rules that generalizes widely the notion of groups. The interplay of these generalized global symmetries and phases leads to a categorical version of the Landau paradigm, which is tightly related to the classification of phases in terms of gapped topological theories and anomalies. The aim of this school and workshop is to set the foundations for further developments in these directions by establishing a common ground at the verge of the mathematics and physics involved.

The first week of this event would consist of a conference, followed by a school in the second week.

Registration for this event will open shortly.