Geometrization of Renormalization Group Histories: (A)dS/CFT correspondence emerging from Asymptotic Safety?

PIRSA ID: 22050058
Series: Quantum Gravity
Event Type: Seminar
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Quantum Gravity
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Considering the scale dependent effective spacetimes implied by the functional renormalization group in d-dimensional Quantum Einstein Gravity, we discuss the representation of entire evolution histories by means of a single, (d+1)-dimensional manifold furnished with a fixed (pseudo-) Riemannian structure.

We propose a universal form of the higher dimensional metric and discuss its properties. We show that, under precise conditions, this metric is always Ricci flat; if the evolving spacetimes are maximally symmetric, their (d+1)-dimensional representative has a vanishing Riemann tensor even. The non-degeneracy of the higher dimensional metric is linked to a monotonicity requirement for the running of the cosmological constant, which we test in the case of Asymptotic Safety.

Furthermore, we allow the higher dimensional manifold to be an arbitrary Einstein space, admitting the possibility that the spacetimes to be embedded have a Lorentzian signature, a prime example being a stack of de Sitter spaces. We “derive” the (A)dS/CFT correspondence by applying the gravitational Effective Average Action approach, by solving the corresponding functional RG and the effective Einstein equations, and finally embedding the 4D metrics into the one single 5-dimensional one. It is an intriguing possibility that in this way one might find a specific solution to the general equations which coincides with the 5D kinematic setting which forms the basis of the conjectured (A)dS/CFT correspondence.

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