Elliptic Cohomology and Physics

Event Type: Conference
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Mathematical Physics
PIRSA collection: http://pirsa.org/C20029
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Equivariant elliptic cohomology is a rapidly evolving field, with wideranging applications including in quantum field theory, geometric representation theory, integrable systems, singularity theory, combinatorial representation theory, homotopy theory, and group theory. Physics in particular has been present starting early in the elliptic cohomology story with Witten's 1987 recognition of the elliptic genus as a supersymmetric partition function. Moonshine and orbifold conformal field theory contributed deeply to the development of equivariant elliptic cohomology. Modern physical applications include using elliptic cohomology to see subtle torsion constraints on phases of supersymmetric field theories and to explain (mock) modularity phenomena. Future applications may include elliptic upgrades of K-theoretic methods in condensed matter. This workshop aims to bring together the emerging international community interested in this circle of ideas. The workshop will be held entirely online, with two lectures each day and ample time for discussion, with efforts made to accommodate time-zone differences. This should allow participation from people who, for reasons of distance or family, do not normally travel to such conferences.

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