Cosmological dynamics of light dark bosons

PIRSA ID: 24020048
Series: Colloquium
Event Type: Seminar
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Light bosons, including light axions, dark photons, and dilaton/moduli, are well motivated extensions to the Standard Model of particle physics and intriguing dark matter candidates. Much progress has been made in recent years in both astrophysical and lab searches for these light bosons with the understanding that these light bosons act like weak classical waves which permeate the space we occupy. 

In this talk, I will discuss some novel phenomenon of light bosons in the dark sector, based on important in medium effects of these particles. I will show how to take advantage of medium effects of the photon to optimize searches for these light bosons with data coming from cosmic microwave background (CMB) experiments, and improve sensitivity to light dark photons and axions by orders of magnitude. I will also show how thinking of dark photon as weak classical waves breaks down during production of light bosons in both early and late universe, when gauged strings are produced in an event we call the string Bosenova, as well as the resulting observable consequences.


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