Causal Set Quantum Gravity and the Hard Problem of Consciousness

PIRSA ID: 22090092
Series: Quantum Gravity
Event Type: Seminar
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Quantum Gravity
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In this talk  will develop Rafael D. Sorkin's heuristic that a partially ordered process of the birth of spacetime atoms in causal set quantum gravity can provide an objective physical correlate of our perception of time passing. I will argue that one cannot have an external, fully objective picture of the birth process because the order in which the spacetime atoms are born is a partial order. I propose that live experience in causal set theory is an internal ``view'' of the objective birth process in which events that are neural correlates of consciousness occur. In causal set theory, what ``breathes fire'' into a neural correlate of consciousness is that which breathes fire into the whole universe: the unceasing, partially ordered process of the birth of spacetime atoms.

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