Brane Webs and Magnetic Quivers

PIRSA ID: 24020066
Event Type: Seminar
Scientific Area(s):
Mathematical Physics
End date:
  • Julius Grimminger, University of Oxford

Brane Webs in Type IIB String Theory can be used to engineer 5d N=1 gauge theories and SCFTs. These brane webs can also be used to obtain so called magnetic quivers, whose 3d Coulomb branches gives the Higgs branch of the 5d theory in question. We will see how to obtain these magnetic quivers for brane webs possibly in the presence of orientifold planes. Then we will see how 3d Coulomb branch technology (such as quiver subtraction) can be used to understand Higgsings and mass deformations of 5d SCFTs.


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