Analyticity properties of 2d Ising Field Theories

PIRSA ID: 23100073
Event Type: Seminar
Scientific Area(s):
Quantum Fields and Strings
End date:
  • Hao-Lan Xu, Stony Brook University

In this talk, I will discuss the analyticity properties of 2d Ising field theories (IFTs). I will start with a short introduction to 2d Ising field theory, which is the continuous limit of the 2d Ising model on square lattice. Then the different spectrum scenarios for high-T and low-T domains will be introduced. Generally speaking, an IFT which sits not at the critical temperature and has a non-vanishing external field is neither solvable nor integrable. However, it's possible to look into the analytical properties of various quantities in the theory space, then further non-perturbative information can be extracted. I will focus on the analyticity properties for mass of the first excitation, and discuss its critical behaviours and dispersion relations in both ordered and disordered phase. Finally, if time allowed, I will switch to the analyticity properties of the analytical structure of S-matrices, and show various related interesting phenomenons together with unsolved problems

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